You have GOT to be kidding me.

Michelle Duggar is pregnant AGAIN.

For the three people who don’t know, Michelle and her extremely fertile husband already have seventeen children. SEVENTEEN. They’re also Krazy Kookoo Khristians, who wear garb not unlike the (also terrifyingly fertile) polygamy sect that has so recently been inundating the news.

Now, I love kids, don’t get me wrong, and people can go and do all the wackadoodle things they want, but COME ON, LADY. I’ve had the delightful pleasure of seeing the numerous TLC specials on the Duggars and their “parenting” “methods.” Basically, the older children raise the younger ones, leaving plenty of time for Michelle and her husband (Lord help me) Jim Bob to read the bible and boink their brains out for Jesus. They have a huge compound in the sticks somewhere that they (read: the kids) built themselves, and if they are finally outed as having an arsenal of automatic weapons covered in needlepointed prayer doilies, well, you can just knock me down with a feather.

These kids don’t have a life. They’re homeschooled, they only interact with each other; hell, even their “church” is in their house. Someone’s going to snap. Hopefully, all of them will. I’d love to see them all grow up and form an 18 member death metal group, entitled “Fuck You, Mom and Dad.”

As someone more witty and astute than I once said: “It’s a vagina, not a clown car.” Close your legs, Michelle, before your whole reproductive tract falls the hell out. GAH.


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