Today’s Actual Conversation: Customer Service Edition!

Scene: CVS checkout. Feeling rather fabulous in my kick ass new t-shirt (thanks, Krista!!!) that reads: “Rehab is the New Black.” All I want is to pay for my contact lens solution and a pack of cigarettes and proceed with my day. No such luck.

Wonky-Eyed Cashier: *hushed weird whisper* Your shirt…Rehab is the New Black…I don’t get it.

Me: Oh, it’s a joke-

WEC: Is that…like…when black people call other black people n—

Me: NO! No no no! It’s like “pink is the new black” or “skinny jeans are the new black” or something – it’s a joke!

WEC: So…it’s a racial thing?

Me: Jesus, NO! Nothing like that!!! It’s a FASHION thing, don’t you watch Project RUNWAY, it’s a joke, oh my GOD.

WEC: Oh…I don’t get it. Do you need matches?

Me: I am so blogging about this.

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