A Love Letter to My Wireless Tech Support Dude

My Dearest Amir:

Ah, Amir. I am so grateful to have you in my life. Why, Amir? Because you, Amir, are absolutely delightful in every way. When I realized that my CD/DVD player was not working, I was despondent. “Wah!” I cried, flinging myself onto my imaginary fainting couch. “I will never be able to install my wireless router without the install DVD! Life is not worth living any longer!” Oh, the bitter, bitter tears I wept, Amir. I dreaded calling tech support, not knowing I would soon meet the most wonderful man in the world. I am, of course, talking about you, Amir. You see, Amir, I do not have much luck when it comes to calling for information over the phone. I hate the phone, Amir. I especially hate the evil, sociopathic, sadistic douchebags at Sallie Mae, who make me cry every time I call them regarding my student loans. Oh, my student loans, Amir! The mere thought makes me shake with anguish.

But I am going on a tangent, my dear Amir. For this love letter is for you, and the fantastic support of the technical sort that you so generously gave me this evening. You were personable and warm, asking me if you could refer to me by my first name, and if I was calling from the United States or Canada. Oh Amir, of COURSE you may call me by my first name! Such a chivalrous gentleman you are, my sweet Amir. You then took me gently by the hand and said that you would be happy to walk me through my installation, as if we were strolling through a field of wildflowers. You had me at “hello,” Amir.

What is it that makes me love you so, Amir? Let me count the ways! Is it your lilting accent? (I hear Bombay is lovely, Amir. Perhaps someday I shall visit you!) Is it the way you gave me intimidating strings of numbers to apply to the installation program, the way you oh so patiently waited for me to stupidly repeat and confirm said numbers over and over again? I’m not very good at math, Amir. Please don’t hold that against me. Or is it your wicked sense of humor, which you displayed when you kindly asked if I had bothered to plug the router into the electrical outlet? I hadn’t, Amir! Oh, Amir, how we laughed! What is your sign, Amir? I’m a Cancer.

Amir, you are a king amongst men when it comes to technical support. I will never be able to thank you properly. Mere words cannot contain my gratitude, and dare I say, Amir, love? I am writing this from my bedroom, Amir. I can now do this because of your genius work in guiding me ever so lovingly through my installation. Do you mind if I call you, Amir, on those cold, lonely nights? You did give me your direct line, Amir, you naughty, saucy thing. Amir, would you think less of me if I “accidentally” poured a cup of coffee into my router so that we might speak again?

Amir, you need a raise. And a lovely office, with a door and a nameplate. Would you like a nice cup of tea, Amir? I will get it for you. Because it is thanks to you, Amir, that my faith in calling technical support has been restored. If you’re ever in New Jersey, Amir, I’d love to take you to dinner. Email me, Amir. I could even read it from the bathtub now. And it’s all because of you.

Love and kisses forever, my sweet Amir. I will never be able to gaze upon the festive blinky lights on my wireless router without thinking fondly of you.


Miss Banshee


A Love Letter to My Wireless Tech Support Dude — 4 Comments

  1. This is freaking Sedaris-level, dude. (see Seasons Greetings to Our Friends and Family!!!”, as found in Holidays on Ice.)

  2. You know, EG (above) is right. Sedaris’ Seasons Greetings letter!!
    This is hilarious. And f I had a wireless router, I’d never be able to gaze upon it without thinking of this love letter to Amir!

  3. Haha, oh tech support. And they do always ask if you remembered to plug stuff in, don’t they? Which means there are probably a ton of people who just forgot to do that.
    Of course, I can’t tell if you’re truly appreciative or just being sarcastic 😉

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