We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Silliness

To talk about a serious subject. In honor of the return of “Project Runway” this Wednesday, we need to discuss my pants. More specifically, my addiction to buying new pants. And you know what that means! Another poll! Y’all helped so much with the haircut decision (I’m keeping it shaggy for now, but if the humidity gets above eleventy billion, no promises) so tell me which pants were the best purchase. I’ll take your answers to heart, reflect, and…probably buy more pants. So sad. I need a meeting.

And forgive me, please, for the quality of these pics. I’m still learning the camera thing.

Exhibit A:

The black skinny jeans. “Slave to trends!” you howl. You are right. These will probably be out of fashion by the time I post this blog. But I love them! So comfy!

Exhibit B: The standard issue blue jeans. Flared bottom. Too long, but if I wear a heel, they don’t drag on the ground. I like these plenty, but the whole trend of the faded starburst-like crease pattern right over the crotch? I do not need extra attention pointed towards my ladyflower, thanks.

Exhibit C: Capris! I love capris. I especially love wearing these capris with huge heels so as to be the obnoxious woman who wears the shoes that make her 6 feet tall.

SO! Were these good purchases? Which should be the go-to pair? Do I need to go buy MORE pants? What kind? What cut? What color? Speak, oracles! Clicky on the poll!

Sigh. I love pants.


We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Silliness — 7 Comments

  1. god, blogger eats comments. ANYWAY, i go with the classic blue jeans. you look like a gorgeous skinny minnie. go girl go!

  2. Ahhhh….I wish I could fit in skinny jeans without looking like one of those rolls of tubed ground beef! Anyways, I like the (short) capris the best but the black skinny jeans are a very close second.

  3. I vote for the knee length pants. Although you do have enviably thin legs that are perfect for jeans (I curse you with a shaking fist and bulging quads)I feel the shorts give you a more carefree, youthful look 😉

  4. I envy your pants. I am in such a bad pants place where all my pants don’t fit right and look like a crazy person bought them.

    Not happy.

    I need to shop now to feel better.

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