Hi, I’m Miss Banshee. I have lived in nine cities in seven years.
Homeless people tend to attempt to befriend or kill me. I was fondled
by Keith Richards at a Tom Waits concert. I almost broke my back at a
Black Sabbath concert. I was decked in the stomach at a Marilyn Manson
concert. I should apparently watch out more at concerts. I drove a 1991
Chevy for almost fifteen years, and I miss it terribly. I used to sing
opera. Little kids think I’m hilarious. Once upon a time, I was a
timid,blonde,bespectacled private school girl, and now I am a
foul-mouthed, black haired, pierced,tattooed freak…However, I am
still a card-carrying dork. I, for one, am pleased at my progress. I am
attempting to be a respected psychoanalyst, a slap-bet commissioner,
and a menace to society. I am fully prepared for the inevitable zombie

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