Poll Time! Do You Hate This Layout, Or What?

Welcome to today’s installment of “Keeping Busy to Keep Teh Crazy At Bay!” So it’s poll time, my precious little squirrels. I want your opinions. Do ya hate Blogger? This layout give you a pain? Or are you as terrified of change as I am, and want nothing to change at Inverse Candlelight? Do you not care at all, with a vengeance, even?

I’ve made a mirror site at WordPress, and I’d love your opinion. Do we stay here, on our comfy Blogger couch, or move on up to the East Side? Take a look over at WordPress, and come back to vote in the poll! Please? I’ll give you a hug!


Poll Time! Do You Hate This Layout, Or What? — 4 Comments

  1. i vote going to typepad as well. and buying URL “missbanshee.com” NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, which *appears* to be available! DOOD.

    if not, stick with blogger and customize. switching to wordpress makes no gotdamn sense.

  2. I tried out WordPress. All I can say is I was intimidated. I felt like I didn’t know enough yet to use it. Blogger is so simple. And… I found that a lot of my photos and videos didn’t transfer so it wasn’t going to be an easy move.

    But… I do love the look of WordPress.

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