Here We Are!

UPDATED!!!! Thanks to Mark for the new banner!!! You rock, my friend!

Shoooooo-ey, kids. I think everything is in order. Mon dieu, this has been complex. And I don’t like complex. I like paint-by-numbers, oh-these-pants-are-fab-charge-it, can’t-you-do-it-for-me sorts of things. But no! Big girl, big blog, own domain soon! Holy crap! I hope you enjoy the new digs, and if you don’t, you can tell me nicely. Please be nice, or I’ll cry. And you don’t want to make me cry, do you? What? You sick bastards.

There are obviously kinks to work out (dirty!) and they’ll come in time. What I REALLY need, very obviously, is a new banner for the top of the page. Tragically, I have NO skills, photoshop-wise, as is evident above, so…


I’ll totally pimp your site, I’ll tell you how pretty you are, I’ll wash your cat. I’ll do anything except get you a big box of money. (Note: If anyone also wants to give me a big box of money, that would be super.) So yes, begging the internet: Please make me a banner. Please? *bats eyelashes*

So on we merrily go. Nothing has changed, other than the location. I’m still doing "A Year in the Mirror" every damn day, and I’m still making arts and crafts, which you can still buy, and I’m still writing for Mamapop. So, in the words of the illustrious Tim Gunn, let’s carry on!

And now, apropos of nothing, here’s a picture of me in a beret my parents brought back from France. Thanks mom and dad! I feel more pretentious already!



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  1. Testing…1…2…3. Hope you’re up and running! I’d offer to make you a banner, but it’d be made out of crepe paper and might not translate onto the internet well…

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