I’d Jump Off A Bridge If All My Friends Did It, Too.

Today’s Actual Conversation: The Power of Suggestion

cuparfyfe: I want to go skydiving.
missbanshee: You cannot go skydiving. You will fall and break your life.
cuparfyfe: Skydiving is awesome. It is my destiny. First chance I get, I’m going.
missbanshee: Your destiny is to fall a million miles and land in a puddle of your own organs?
cuparfyfe: No such thing will happen.
missbanshee: Stranger things HAVE happened that didn’t involve leaping from an aircraft.
cuparfyfe: I will fly. Like an eagle. To the sea.
missbanshee: You will fall. Like a rock. To your bloody demise. Splat.
cuparfyfe: Not this eagle, missy. This eagle will SOAR.
missbanshee: If it makes you feel good to think that, you go right ahead and think that. But I am stapling you to the land.
cuparfyfe: I cannot be caged. I gotta FLY.
missbanshee: Then grow some wings, freakshow. Skydiving isn’t flying, it’s DIVING. Through the AIR. Where there is GRAVITY.
cuparfyfe: It’s SOARING!
missbanshee: …
cuparfyfe: Like an EAGLE.
missbanshee: You know, my friend did it, and it looked pretty awesome. Okay, I’m coming with you.
cuparfyfe: …
missbanshee: I’m easily swayed, am I not?
cuparfyfe: Fickle little thing.
missbanshee: To the SEA!!!!!



I’d Jump Off A Bridge If All My Friends Did It, Too. — 1 Comment

  1. I’ve never heard a bad thing about skydiving…but then again I suppose those who would complain, can’t. I guess Opus proves that I’m not too tall to do it.

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