This Post’s Only Purpose Is To Lighten The Damn Mood

Okay, confession. I have no real motivation to write an entry today, other than getting the 9/11 post off the top of the page. I’ve had enough of disasters, man-made or otherwise, to last at LEAST the next millenium or so. So on we go.

The reason I haven’t really got anything to say is that I’ve had a pretty rotten couple of weeks, and whether that’s due to the full moon (according to my horoscope) or my craziness (according to my various shrinks) doesn’t matter to me a whit, because things have just blown AND sucked, and I’m ready for my luck to change, dammit. And I think someone agrees with me.



I HAVE figured out a way to cheer myself up, at least a little, and also get back into the groove of doing "A Year in the Mirror," which, although I have, as promised, been posting every day, I’ve been doing it under duress, as proven with ever so attractive pictures such as this.


So! How to get back into my little experiment, and also use my chronic insomnia for good use? Why, take pictures of me balancing things on my head, of course!

It all started with this:


Which rapidly descended into this:


Now we’re onto this:


And finally this.


Who knows what will be the next thing I balance on my head! Why don’t YOU tell me? Or, you know, encourage me to get out more, which is probably a good idea as well.

But I know two things that will NOT be perched upon my head, and I think you can guess what those are.


I don’t have a death wish, you know.


This Post’s Only Purpose Is To Lighten The Damn Mood — 4 Comments

  1. You know, the one with the feathers almost looks like real hair. And you could totally pull off the look!
    Sorry, can’t think of a thing to tell you to balance up there. I’m sure you’ll come up with something funny! 😉

  2. Long time reader, first time commenter…
    You look gorgeous in the feathers photo! OMG! do you look lovely, you totally remind me of Azura Skye when she isn’t looking like a junkie on a 3 day bender (there may be a girl crush in the making, and that was meant to sound like a compliment).
    You could balance a Twinkie on your head. I too am appalled and shocked by the Banana Twinkie. What obscurely flavored fruit could be next? Mangosteen?

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