Who’s Wearing Fancy Pants? Me, That’s Who!

My new post on MamaPop was chosen by Kirtsy.com as an editors’ pick!

Please to click here to read all about the Fake Baby phenomenon; why I will never sleep again, and to watch Matt Lauer almost run out of the Today Show set screaming.

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And remember, if you buy a fake baby and pretend it’s real, you’re a heartbeat away from waking up to this:




Who’s Wearing Fancy Pants? Me, That’s Who! — 3 Comments

  1. OK, no more Chucky. When I worked in a theatre (a crappy one, in HS, before I knew I would be working in one for life…) we had “The Bride of Chucky.” I not only had to card the teenagers who were trying to sneak in, I had to go in and check inside the theatre and I would always see the same part where Chucky attacks this girl and yanks her lip ring out. It was awful.
    The end.

  2. xcommenting here and mamapapa because I can.
    Reborns are creepy because the people have the potential to actually pretend they are real babies.
    I collect something a lot of people think are creepy because they’re dolls. (BJD/Art Dolls with joints) so I guess I can sort of see it, as long as they aren’t like omg real babies, but rather as a peice of art, because they are incredibly realistic and wellmade. if that makes any sense. -shrug-

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