A Plea To The Interwebs! — 7 Comments

  1. At this moment, people see me walk by and they’re like, “Is that her ass or did I just see a Milky Way walk by?” and the person they’re asking just shakes their head sadly.
    So…what I’m saying is, as soon as I can break up with the Milky Ways, I’ll do what I can to help you with the Kit Kats. Until then, stay strong.

  2. Yeah…I would totally help you out with the Kit Kat issue, but I went to Target today and about 3 bags of assorted chocolate bars ended up in my cart. (Hey, the candy was on sale for 50% off! What was I supposed to do?)

  3. This is precisely why I stopped buying Halloween candy. If anyone ever shows up to my door they will get whatever I have laying around. Most likely their haul would have been some safety pins, a granola bar, and or a pencil. Last year I had the bag of Kit Kats, and I ate them. I hope you can stay strong. Maybe the Frantically Waving Telemundo Family would like them. You could just leave the bag on their porch with a note that says Gracias.

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