NaBloPoMo, or…Lulu is PISSED, Y’ALL.

Oh, people in the internet. I hope you are satisfied. I HOPE you are SATISFIED.  Do you know what you’ve done? I mean, do you have any idea what you have done around here? With the webcam and the "More, more, more webcam, more cats on the webcam, more boobies on the webcam!" emails and comments? Do you realize what my life has become?

I will tell you. You’d think the idiot fat one and the human female had won Oscars. The egos. My god, the egos. They dance around here, squealing about how they are popular for the first time in their lives. They primp and preen in the mirror. They practice award acceptance speeches in the hairbrush. It is…unbearable.

I mean, it’s all a cat can do to get a nap around here.

So I hope you’re all very pleased with yourselves. They’ve got STORYBOARDS pinned on the walls, for the love of kibble! And that’s just ridiculous, because do you think the human female knows how to EDIT on the webcam? No, she does not, is the answer. And we won’t even get into the costumes they’re planning. Let’s just say that the human is measuring our heads for tiaras. TIARAS, PEOPLE!



And now there’s this thing. This NaBloPoMo thing. What the hell is that? Well, I certainly had no idea. So I had to Google it. Do you know how hard it is to Google when the human female is CONSTANTLY on the computer? Hard, is what it is. SO. Apparently it’s this thing where people do a blog entry every DAY for a MONTH.


I immediately called a meeting. This is a TERRIBLE idea. The human female already takes those stupid pictures every day, and now she’s going to do a BLOG every day? This does not bode well for me. Not at all. I have no peace around here. None at all. Seriously, who wants to adopt me??? I make a lovely accessory to any decor, as long as it is vair, vair expensive.

So she’s trying to do the blogging every day thing. But remember, the human female is crazy as a bedbug, so if she misses a few days, chalk it up to her deciding to paint the apartment at 3 AM or something.

Honestly, what I put up with.



NaBloPoMo, or…Lulu is PISSED, Y’ALL. — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Lulu,
    we don’t know each other but it seems like our mothers do with their crazy ramblings about Vampires and Bois with haircuts like girls. So much time with the internets and now with these new computers taking up valuable lap space!! It’s unacceptable. And the no sleeping!! When am I supposed to get my important things done! She is always watching and yelling at me.
    The other day I tried puking ON the computer, but once again she was so close my plot was foiled before I could finish.
    I am sorry about the tiara. I’ll have my female tell yours what I do when she gets these ridiculous ideas. Puking and maiming, reminds them who is boss.

  2. *de-lurk*
    Wow, I must say that Lulu is the well bred/female/fully apendaged version of my own precious boy cat.. No really, she is a most amusing cat and my poor Binx(alicious Maxamillion) has only three legs. They are practically twins!
    Also, Miss Banshee is tres amusant.

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