NaBloPoMo#2 – I Love Frantically Waving Telemundo Family

Dudes? I freaking love my neighbors. Not the A-Holes, or Clompy Stomp, or Not-Carrie Bradshaw, but the always awesome Frantically Waving Telemundo Family. I love how seldomly they wear clothing. I love their adorable kids. I love that Mrs. FWTF once shyly gave me a flyer for her mani/pedi business, hastily telling me (in Spanish) that it was in Spanish. (I had gotten the gist of what it was, what with the big picture of toes, but she was sweet to show me.)

But the other day, oh man, I loved them more then ever.

They were hauling the whole family to the car, and as Lil’ Telemundo chatted busily on his toy cellphone, Mr. and Mrs. FWTF did what they do best, and juggled two carseats (Mr. FWTF) and an infant (Mrs. FWTF) to frantically wave to me. I reciprocated with great vigor, and they continued on their way.

Jauntily whistling Christmas carols. On November 1st. In tandem. IN HARMONY.

People, I am not a fan of the holidays. But man, on that warm first day of November, I wanted to fling tinsel on a goddamn partridge in a freakin’ pear tree. Fo’ realsies.



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