NaBloPoMo: HALP MEEEEE!!! — 8 Comments

  1. Can I get a WHA WHA!! ?
    My girl Miss Ban to the Shee,
    I love the lil cat tail scootin around in the background.
    so comments huh? umm nice hair!
    and …
    wow you have a stat counter to see who and where people view you? so you know I’m on here like 12 times a day?
    Blog ideas… I’m so politiced out. is there anything else happening in the world that we missed? fill us in on current events that we totally missed while hungover on the Obama Kool Aid.

  2. So here are some things you can blog about:
    #1 How do you keep your skin so damn beautiful?(!) Is it genetics, are you just lucky. As I am approaching 30 it’s like I am reliving adolesence! Actually I have way more acne this time around. I know I’m supposed to be moisturizing to help my skin not look like a pair of panty-hose after a fat lady wears them in the future, but my skin is so greasy and ew that I just can’t! I constantly marvel that the loveliness of your skin, so share your secret!
    #2 You could always have more cat-blogs. I have to admit, your cats are totally like mine (big dumb boy, prissy very catty girl), and they crack me up!
    #3 Sock Monster/Craft Project Update. What are you working on? I know you must be working on something, you crafty crafty girl! (Cue Beastie Boys She’s Crafty)
    #4 I dunno, blog about what’s in your fridge (like at the end of the Rachael Ray magazine), and who’d you’d have diner with living or dead.
    Okay these ideas are just getting lamer, so I’m going to stop! Good luck!

  3. 1) Why don’t you have a passport?
    2) Have you ever had one (and, hence, traveled beyond the states)?
    3) If you could travel somewhere this weekend — where would you go and why?
    (NaBloPoMo is rough, I feel ya. I did it last year. I am not doing it this year because the pressure…OH MAH GAH…the PRESSURE. You think it’s hard now? Wait till Nov 20. Although I hope your readers’ ideas will sustain you!)

  4. Hows about some of the places you have lived and why your scootin all over the good ole USA??
    What lead you to live where you live now
    What do you do besides write,jobwise or whatever
    ummm,I have run out of ideas right now

  5. Tell us about the pets you have now and have loved in the past. Have you always been a cat person? What about pups, gerbils, lizards? Do you believe animals have souls?

  6. 1) People that have influenced your way of thinking
    2) Cult classic films that provide “life lessons”
    3) the effects of climate on mood and creativity
    Just a few random idea for you. Good Luck 😉

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