NaBloPoMo: Stewie Kidnap Blog!


O HAI!!!! It’s ME, STEWIE! I’m gonna write the blog today cause Mama isn’t feeling too good. Mama get sad sometimes, so she say "Stewie, you write the blog today, I too sad." And I say "OKAY MAMA!"


Hmm, what Stewie write about? O YAH! I’ll write about the internet peoples. I LOVE INNERNET PEEPLES! You so nice to Stewie, say that Stewie so PRETTY, Stewie so FUNNY, Stewie the BESTEST THING ABOUT BLOG! And I wanna say that yes yes yes, I know. Don’t worry, people in internet, Stewie know he pretty as a princess, so funny and entertaining, and the best thing about the internet since GREEN OLIBES OLOBES OLIVES!


Ooooh, I wonder if there are grrrrrreen olvibes in the food place. Must investigate!


O. M. G.

Holy moley, THAT will be SO FUN to barf up laters! I was saving one ollibe for you, but then I ated it. STEWIE SORRIES!


The mama was gonna apologize for me talking about barfing, but I eated her fingers. This is STEWIE’S bloggy time!

So what else you want to know from Stewie? OH. Let me tell you about the TRAGEDY that is my lifes. It is SO SAD! You better get the kleenex. Okay, ready for sad story? I am in LOVE and it is being denied Stewie! I am like Romeo and Kittycat. And it all the Mama’s fault. Stewie is in love with the CLOSET. Oooooooh man, do I love the closet. Stewie want to MARRY the closet and have little closet kittens. But Mama won’t let Stewie and closet be in love! Mama keep me out of the closet and tell me I a bad bad kitty for jumping into closet like NINJA! Then I hide till she closes the door and I EAT HER SHOES HAHAHAHAHHA!


But then Mama get mad and Stewie doesn’t get closet or green oloves or shoes at all. NO FUN!

ZOMG! I almost forgot to make sure there are no doggies or kids or THINGS outside!


Do you see how BIG I am? I’m a big boy! BIG! Big enough to eat your face in one bite. CHOMP!

Okay, Stewie take nap now. Blogging so TIRING! That’s it for Stewie’s blog show! DID YOU LOVE IT??? I know I did. Hmm, did Stewie forget anythings?

OH! Say HI, LULU!!!!! Say hi to the pretty innerwebby peeples!


I have faxed all the adoption papers to the King of Spain. Waiting for imminent reply.

OKAY BYE INNERNETS! STEWIE LOBE LOEV LOVE YOU!!! Mama be back soon, don’t worry. Mama says Stewie blogs cheer her up. Stewie likes helping, YAY!!!





NaBloPoMo: Stewie Kidnap Blog! — 6 Comments

  1. Aww Stewie! I hope your blogging cheered Momma up, even though she is now missing fingers! My cat Mister is your biggest fan. He suggests that you stop chewing on shoes and go for electrical cords, they are much more fun, you get yelled at more, and if you hit them just right you get zapped! Which is good for your brains.

  2. Dude, If Stewie is in the closet it probably means that Stewie is gay.
    Stop Oppressing Stewie!
    Stewie needs a Rainbow half shirt, some tight cutoff denim shorts and a weekend with his boyz on Fire Island or Provincetown.

  3. NO STEWIE,NO CHEWING ON MAMA!!! You so totally rock Stewie and tell Miss Lulu we said “HI”.Tell Mama to feel better and think happy thoughts 🙂

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