NaBloPoMo: Bloggy Burnout

Hello? Is this thing on? HELLO?!?!

Oy vey. Okay, so we’re finally more than halfway through NaBloPoMo, and as I was staring at the blank screen of doom this evening, I was of course thinking, "What in the name of God’s fuzzy pajamas am I going to write about?" See, that’s the thing about writing every damn day for a month. Sometimes not much happens, and you end up racking your brain for something, ANYTHING to write about. And what do you do then? You write a BULLET POINT LIST, THAT’S WHAT YOU DO!!!

  • I wish there was a stat counter for this blog that alerted me whenever a cute boy reads it.
  • That’s not to say I don’t appreciate you lovely ladies, because you know I do.
  • Oh crap, did I just offend the ladies? I’m sorry! Did I tell you how fantastic your collective asses look today? Because damn, girl.
  • There should be an etiquette guide for Facebook. Because sometimes you just want to talk to that person you worked with 10 years ago, but they probably only friended me out of politeness, right? I mean, people have LIVES, woman, gah.
  • I love writing blogs from the cats. Does that mean I’ll be celibate for the rest of my life?
  • Not that I constantly think about my lack of a sex life. Not in the slightest. Much. At all.
  • Hi, mom!
  • Um, well, that’s awkward. Here, YOU say something!


Dear Santy Claws, please bring Stewie lots of green olives and Mama a boyfriend and please send Lulu to a family that appreciates her fabulousness, hopefully on Mars, and please let Mama get creative for NaBloPoMo again cause bullet point posts are cheeeeeting-HEY WAIT MINNIT!!! DIS ISN’T LETTER TO SANTY!!!! MAMA TRICK STEWIE!!!! BLOG POST OVER! GO PLAY!!!!


NaBloPoMo: Bloggy Burnout — 4 Comments

  1. I’m still reading! How about these mama-friendly topics, High Fidelity style?
    1. Top 10 favorite movies, any genre, with explanations.
    2. Top 10 favorite books, any genre, with explanations.
    3. Places you have lived or visitef What did you like and why? Also places you would like to live or visit.
    4. Describe your very first live concert, road trip, and/or grown up vacation.
    5. Top 10 favorite jokes.
    6. Top 10 Most F%cked Up Things You’ve Seen or Done.
    Enquiring minds want to know!

  2. I like fuzzy pajamas. Good luck with that. I tried it once and I failed miserably. I tend to write daily but it wasn’t the right writing if that even made any sense. Ooh I’d like a counter too that told me when a cute boy stopped by.

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