NaBloPoMo: The Mascot Speaks!

Howdy, pardner! Someone, and I'm not saying WHO, has had a little too much coffee today, and came up with this brilliant idea that I should be the one doing NaBloPoMo today! Why on earth would a plastic Twinkie container be writing a blog? Because someone, again, I'm not saying WHO, has clearly lost her tiny little mind. And she's gotten some questions on the comments, and so I'ma gonna answer em! Yeehaw!


Some of you lovely readers have asked what Miss Banshee's favorite books are. WELL. It's a tough choice to make, and I'll tell you why, my compadres. This is one of the FOUR bookcases in the apartment. Four. And they're all packed. What I will tell you is that her current obsession, because Miss Banshee is nothing if not susceptible to peer pressure, is a series of books involving angsty teenage vampires. Yay meaningful literature!

Another question has been what Miss Banshee's favorite movie is. Well, I'll give you a hint.


And what's the movie that makes her cry cry cry, even more than "The Color Purple" and "Steel Magnolias" combined? Here's another hint.

Uh oh. This might be a problem. Hey! Hey, I don't wanna go over there! There's one of those THINGS over there! Don't put meeeeeeeeeee…


Oh dear. Um, howyadoin, pretty lady? You look awful…angry…EEP!!!


Uh Oh. This will not end well. I am not for eating! Okay, this is not going as I planned. So I'm…uh…gonna go wrangle up my mighty steed and get the HELL outta here. And as always, I ride in style.


Time to go!!!!! Thanks for letting me write the blog today, buckaroos! It's been awful fun. And if you're rolling your eyes? Wondering why non-humans seem to write these NaBloPoMo entries so much, and why my lovely owner is posting this in the middle of the gosh darn night?  Blame this.


Today's post brought to you by the letters C-O-F-F-E-E!

Editor's Note: The views and opinions of Twinkie the Kid are not neccesarily those of Miss Banshee, Lulu, Stewart T. Cat, or Inverse Candlelight. Please direct all complaints about cheating blogger cheaters who cheat on real content during NaBloPoMo to the Hostess Company.


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