NaBloPoMo – Your Bloggy Habits

So it's Friday afternoon, and this will go up for Saturday. The question is, will you read it? I'm really interested if people keep up with blogs over the weekend, or use the weekend TO catch up on blogs, or if they, you know, have a life and don't think about blogs at all.

This is not saying that people who read blogs over the weekend don't have lives! Far from it! And they're very pretty, too! Are those new pants? Because they make your ass look FANTASTIC.

I dunno, just curious. (And seriously, your ass? Fantastic.)

OH! And do you like the new banner? Can you tell that it's Stewie sprawled out on the keyboard? I have NO Photoshop skillz, so I was pretty impressed with myself that I managed to make ANYTHING. This is not to say that the old banner wasn't awesome, and made by one of the most fabulous ladies I know. Stewie just wanted to be on the blog more, which I don't see as being possible, unless I changed the whole thing to "The Stewie Blog of Righteousness and Green Olives," but that's neither here nor there.  Oh, and he wanted me to tell you something, hold on.


Yes, I've officially become the crazy cat lady. Please send help. And Xanax.


NaBloPoMo – Your Bloggy Habits — 8 Comments

  1. I do keep up with my favorite blogs over the weekend, but keep most of them on ice for the Monday morning transition into the work week. It is 2 AM Saturday morning. I will let you guess into which category the lovely missbanshee falls. šŸ™‚

  2. I have NO life, so I keep up with all blogs, all the time (but I read my faves first, so much like Amu, I let you guess where this falls at 7:48 Saturday morning).
    And yes… these ARE new pants thank you very much!

  3. So, umm, yeah. I do keep up with blogs on weekends. I admit that I totally don’t have a life. I work on most Saturdays, so I read blogs while I’m at work. I also have insomnia a lot and I’ve been known to just jump on the computer in the middle of the night and I’ll check up on blogs then.

  4. Stewie so pretty he has own website page…..STEWIE BIG TIME STAR KITTY CUZ HE SO COOL!!! Being said I read all my faves daily when I have quiet time,but with 3 dogs and 3 cats and 2 kids and 1 hubby and life sucking job I think I need the xanax!!!

  5. hey! *I* keep up with blogs over the weekend! and yeah, you’re probably right, I really don’t have a life. But I’d like to think that my ass does look fantastic, so hey! thanks!!
    you are a crazy cat lady…and i adore you for it! haha

  6. Really? You like my pants? Thank you! I didn’t think anyone would even notice! Yes, I do read my blog favs over the weekend. I have a life but I’m also a dork…with two cats…and they demand it – how else will they get their daily Stewie fix?? **sigh**

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