NaBloPoMo: I Need A Nap

Hello, my precious little squirrels! And how was your weekend??? Oh, mine? Mine was lovely, thanks for asking! I actually LEFT MY HOUSE. I KNOW!! I'm incredibly impressed too. All thanks goes to the lovely Larissa, who came down from Boston to see Twilight and sloth around with me, and ooooooh, it was good. The movie was fairly ridiculous, but dude, if I was 14 again? Well, for one, my hair would be a mess, but other than that, oh my GOD, I would be making "I Heart Edward Cullen" SCRAPBOOKS. But at 31, I can just say that the movie was exactly how I thought it would be, the crowd was exactly what I thought it would be (See: 14 years old, screaming, giggling, texting galore) and BOY OH BOY did I feel old, considering the actor who played Jacob was born, oh, IN THE MID-NINETIES. Y'all? That gave me the vapors. Someone get me my pills! Get those kids offa mah lawn! 

Oh, and the girl playing Alice? I looked more like "Alice" than she did. And I might have worn glitter in my hair. MAYBE. I plead the fifth.

But the cats still have glitter in their fur. 

And now I've said too much. 

So, how was YOUR weekend?

Alice would have worn a stripey shirt.


NaBloPoMo: I Need A Nap — 6 Comments

  1. OMG!! So good!! I am so glad we made this plan!!
    Two things.
    I should have kidnapped you today
    Alice totally wears stripey shirts

  2. Is it wrong to admit that I saw Twilight twice over the weekend? It is? Oh, forget I said that.
    I may have also got really scared at the thought that my daughter will be one of those teenaged girls in 11 years. That scared the crap out of me.

  3. I also loved the movie and thought it was ridiculous at the same time. Oh to have a smoldering glance of Edward’s directed at me?? SQUEE!
    Also Alice totally wears stripey shirts. But I did love her flippy hair. I used to have hair just like that. *sigh*

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