NaBloPoMo: Lulu Has Had Enough


Look deeeeeeeeeeply into my eyes. Do you want to know why you are so lucky as to talk to me today? Of course you do. You are looking at a picture of ME, not that fat idiot, because I have had just about enough of this blog becoming the "Aw, the Internet looooooooooves Stewart, isn't he GREAT!?!?" What about me? There ARE two cats living here, you know. Not that I'm feeling neglected. Far from it. I couldn't possibly care less, actually. So go on, and….have a nice Festival of Gluttony, or whatever you humans are doing tomorrow. I'm sure Stewart will do something stupid that the woman will write about later.

033 There. I did your stupid NaBloPoMo, you lazy wretch. Can I go back to sleep now?

Thanks, Lulu. I know how difficult this is for you. What with the waking up, and the opening your eyes, and the typing. I'm thankful for you on this, the festival of Thanksgiving. You, and your brother, even though we both dream of gluing him into a box and sending him on a one-way trip to outer Mongolia.

009 *Fooooooooooo*


Yes Stewie?

I pooted.

I know, Stewie.

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