Total And Complete Vanity

Dudes? I CANNOT stop playing with my hair. Cannot. I got it cut yesterday, and the danger of getting my hair cut is that I don't want to ever stop (See: The Great Head-Shaving Of 2007.) But now that it's a bit shorter, I can slick it flat, instead of my beloved spikes. Now I need your help! Do you like it like this:

Or like this?

Or should I cut it REALLY short, as seen here:


Or grow it out a bit, as seen here?


Or should I just stop talking about my hair for the love of the little baby Jeebus in the Snugli?

Speak, oracles!!!!


Total And Complete Vanity — 17 Comments

  1. I like option #2, and YES, I am a short-hair person, and once I start, I can’t stop. Although right now, seriously, my hair, it is bad. Very bad. All because of a misguided attempt at cutting by a hairstylist who is far too young.

  2. Don’t grow your hair out…keep it short. Love love love it. And it’s great that you can wear it both ways. I’m getting ready to chop all my hair off on Friday and am getting nervous and excited at the same time. I hope mine looks as good as yours does.

  3. I like the top one best. I wouldn’t go much shorter.
    But that is coming from me whose hair gets shorter everytime I go in for a trim.

  4. I like option 2 best. I love my hair short – My favorite was when I had a “Chelsea” back in 97. Now, I’m jealous because my face is fat (gah!)and having short hair really isn’t an option unless I want to be mistaken for the Michelin (wo)Man.
    Sorry for the rambling….anyway, option 2 is my choice.

  5. I like option #2!
    I just cut 7 inches off my hair and it is FREEDOM! Freedom I tell you! Don’t grow it long because it will try to strangle you in your sleep! (I know from experience)

  6. Super short!! I love the pixie look and used to have it and cannot carry it off anymore but think with your fantastic features you could work it like a superstar runway model!!! Try Tigi Manipulator molding gunk for your hair,its a godsend for shaping short hair into any style you want

  7. (PS 1: i like how ive never bothered to comment before but i will, becuase its about hair) um, SO technically i think you can get away with doing wtf you want, but as tyra would say “have you seen the movie ROSEMARYS BABY…?” (Ps 2: cut to the close-up of you crying, and one of the Jays’ looking pissed)

  8. I believe the beauty of your current haircut is that you can go spiky or sleeky as the mood suits you.
    If you’re thinking about going ubershort (which I always think is adorable–but I do have a freaky love for Rosemary’s Baby) I say wait until the summer.

  9. Love option 1 and you have the face to carry off the pixie doo…just don’t start chronically pulling hair out…not cool. Hair talk is fine…speaking of which I’m growing my till past my boobs and maybe Betty Page-ing it.

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