We Can’t Stay Away!!!

I know, I know, I said I was taking a little time off, but I can't stay away! Even though Typepad has totally changed and shit, and I have NO idea what I'm doing anymore. So! What's been going on in the seventeen seconds since NaBloPoMo ended? WELL.

Did you know it's the holiday season? Didja know that Christmas music makes me want to get a rifle and climb a belltower? Didja know I can't afford to buy Christmas gifts? WELL YOU DO NOW!!!! So I'm making all my gifties this year, which means my apartment looks like this:


Yes. Everyone's getting a sock monster. And you can too! Just comment or email me, and I can make you your very own sock monster, for a very very reasonable price. A Miss Banshee original! Because what says "Happy Holidays" better than a sock monster? I'll even give it a parasitic twin if you want! Because I am giving like that.

Okay, okay, I know who you really came to see. Here's the real star of the show.


O HAI! Sowwy, I was eating the pillow in my sleeps right dere. We so TIRED after NaBlommomomoo. Moo. COW SAY MOO! Stewie kinda look like a cow. HAHAHAA!!!! Stewie's a cow, YAY!!!

Why you look at Stewie like that? You would think you thought Stewie CRAZEE or someting. Silly hoomans. Stewie not crazy! Stewie SMART. Helps Mama make sock monsters. BY EETING DEM. Then woooooo boy, you should SEE what I do next. I…

Stewie. No.

What, Mama? I was only gonna say dat I barf-

NO. What did we talk about? Remember? About what people want to read about and things that are better left unsaid? That if you don't have anything nice to say…

Come sit by me!

NO. That's a quote from Steel Magnolias, and maybe we need to find a new movie on cable this weekend, because I think between you, me and Lulu we can recite the whole damn thing by now.


Sigh. Stewie, we've seen X-Men so many times I think the DVD is wearing out.


This is going nowhere, other than to remind me I have to cut your nails, like, yesterday. Say goodnight, Stewie.

Night night, innerwebby peeples! Stewie gonna go watch X-Men, and Hellboy, and Sweeney Todd, and then, and then Stewie gonna have nightmares and keep Mama up all night. WON'T THAT BE FUN?!?!!

Oops, Stewie sleepin' alreadyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

EDITED TO ADD!!!!: The Flickr stream (constantly updated) for the Sock Monster Adoption Agency!


We Can’t Stay Away!!! — 7 Comments

  1. OMG I so might have to adopt one of your sock monsters (now with more parasitic twin!) for my best friend for Christmas. I mean what do you get the girl who has everything, who went along with your insane scheme to be hastily seperated conjoined twins for Halloween? Well a sock monster of course!
    You should email me some prices…

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