Bits and Pieces and Drips and Drabs

A little scattered today (I blame Jillian) so you get brain bits instead of an actual coherent post!

Things I have silently accused my upstairs neighbor "Clompy Stomp" of doing as my ceiling shakes:

  • Adopting a tyrannosaurus
  • Re-creating Studio 54
  • Running a roller derby
  • Moving refrigerators like chess pieces every damn night
  • Sledding down her stairs
  • Training for a sumo wrestling championship

Things that I have um…borrowed…lately. Borrowed. Forever.

  • The audiobook of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" (NOT the cds, I'm returning those. I'm just keeping the RECORDINGS of the cds. Forever.)
  • My dad's hand weights. (BLAME JILLIAN)
  • The phrase "It's not rocket surgery." (Thanks, Amber!)
  • Pictures of Neil Patrick Harris naked. I will use them on as many MamaPop articles as I can get away with, too.

Things I have been craving since I started the 30 Day Shred:

  • cookies
  • cookie dough
  • cake
  • more cake

Things I have done that I could have lived a long, prosperous life WITHOUT doing:

  • Spent four hours at the Social Security office, watching people in the waiting room get thisclose to fisticuffs.
  • Caught Stewie, mid-toilette on the FLOOR and bodily heaved him into the litter box.
  • Went to Wal-Mart between November and March.
  • Replaced my porch light THRICE before realizing I was using a too-high wattage, and that's why it was blowing out EVERY DAY.
  • Felt the burn. (JILLIAN!!!!! *shakes fist*)

Is that it? OH! I wrote my Top Ten Things About 2008 That Were Made of Awesome for MamaPop! You can read it HERE.

Okay, I'd write more, but the new Muppet Christmas Special is on, and I can't miss that, OBVIOUSLY.




Bits and Pieces and Drips and Drabs — 4 Comments

  1. I have often accused my upstairs neighbors of the following when they are “clompy stomping” around:
    1. Turkey Bowling
    2. Orc Invasion
    3. Disco Dance Party
    4. Insect Infestation
    5. Just being a general douche

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