Actual Conversation: Amber and I Are Made of Lies

This was too good not to share. Behold as Amber and I lie. To ourselves. About how coffee is a FOOD.

Yeah, we said it!

Miss Banshee: Oh man, I ate all that cheesy rice. Jillian will not be pleased.
Snarky Amber: Heh, I'm about to revisit that mac and cheese
Miss Banshee: Hee!
Snarky Amber: What else am I gonna eat? It's all I have! Well, that or cereal.
Miss Banshee: Mmm, cereal. I like cereal!
Miss Banshee: MOAR COFFEE!
Snarky Amber: Which Andrew says isn't food.
Miss Banshee: Coffee's a food. It's made from a BEAN. It's a LEGUME.
Snarky Amber: It fills my tummy like food. And then I'm not hungry anymore. Heh, it's actually a berry.
Miss Banshee: Coffee is a FRUIT!
Snarky Amber: More like the pit of a fruit.
Miss Banshee: Fruit is IMPORTANT!
Snarky Amber: Heh.
Miss Banshee: Wards off the scurvy.
Snarky Amber: But yeah, it's like a NUT!
Miss Banshee: Nuts are good! Excellent source of PROTEIN!
Snarky Amber: There are so many lies here.
Miss Banshee: Yeah, I'm gonna have to blog this.

And that, friends, is how Amber and I convinced ourselves that coffee is a food. Like cheesy rice. Or mac and cheese. Mmmm, cheese. Cheese is a food, and coffee is like cheese…Oh, nevermind.



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