Twas The Day Before Kissmus

Twas da day before Kissmus and all through the apartment
Not a kitty was stirring, no mousies pay rent

Sock monsters were everywhere, waiting to be shipped
Mama makes dem all with big kissy lips

With Mama wearing her knitting hat with her AWSOME FREAKING CATS
We all settled down cause we loves a good nap

When out on the porch there was a big scary bang
Was it Sandy Claws? No, it was that mailman, well dang

Well now I was cranky, cause mama was mocking
So I left her a present, a pair of shredded stockings

We did our workout, I put my claw in her face
Mama said that she wished she had a big thing of mace

Well that's not very nice, so I ate a stripy sock
And left her some coal outside the litterbox

She didn't like that, said it was uncouth
I don't know what that means, cause I'm just a big doof

I'm not a good poet, so remember cows they say moo
So have a Happy Kissmus, says Stewie and Lu.



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