Shelby Takes A Holiday

Okay, kids. Who's going to write the Christmas post? Should it be me? I DID get this fetching haircut. I'm feeling pretty sassy, I must say.


NOT ME, MAMA. Stewie wrote the POEM, remember? The poem about Kissmus?
And I wrote my rules and regulations. We're done, missy.


Well, cats, I'm too tired. Who the hell is gonna write today? Ooooooooh. I have an idea.

Hey Shelby? Sheeeeeeeeeeelby!

Shelby is HERE! What you want, lady?
I want you to write the blog today.

Shelby doesn't know what a blog is. Shelby confuzzled.

013 Does blog mean treats? Cause Shelby knows what treats are. Shelby loooooooove treats.

Try to focus, dummy. Just tell the nice people what happened on Christmas. Here, use this evidence. I mean, these pictures I so lovingly took for future blackmailing purposes.

Okay!!! Hi, everybuddy! Welcome to SHELBY'S HOUSE. I tell you what is in Shelby's house on Christmas, whatever that is. SHELBY ISN'T TOO BRIGHT!

016 This is SHELBY'S TREE. But that's not important. Do you see Shelby? Shelby is eating her rope bone. THAT MAKES FOR RAINBOW PEWPIES! HOORAY!!!!


That's Shelby's boy hiding behind her. But there is something MORE IMPORTANT, and that is SHELBY'S BELLY!!! And do you know what goes in Shelby's BELLY?

032 MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT! Meats go in Shelby's belly! Watch, I SHOW YOU!


022 NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

023 WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Shelby just eating counter now. THAT'S OKAY!!!

024 Uh Oh. Shelby not doing anything! Shelby PROMISE!!!!! Oh man, now Shelby busted. Blog over! Gotta get out of here, Shelby is in for it now, buddy.

Okay, that's the important stuff about Christmas! Yommy MEATS! And rainbow pewpie bone, and most of ALL!

020 More meats? OH YEAH! ME! SHELBY!!!!

Editor's note: I swear, I SWEAR, in the name of pants, the holiday posts are OVER. Done. Dead as a doornail. Gone to meet the choir invisible. Real, actual content soon. Promise.

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