A Special Comment for Moms Who Blog — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks. There has been some fucking craziness, and just… thanks:) Writing mothers have been invisible for a really long time, and blogging has set us FREEEEEEE!!!!!
    (Because to twitter/blog between naps & poops & tantrums is much easier than dragging out the old typewriter to peck out novels.)

  2. I would like to either (A) adopt you and then blog about what an awesome daughter you are; or (B) give you access to my children so you could blog about them. Also, I would like to (C) tell you how fantastic I think you are, and thank you for this!
    p.s. If we work out either A or B, I’d like us to maybe talk about sharing the hats, or at least going hat shopping together.

  3. I am a mom who is a avid blog reader and I am a fan of mom bloggers and kudos to you kitten for the love thrown out to us moms.In fact,I am a fan of your wittyness and writing!! I check you all the time and thanks for the chuckles and oh yeah,HAI MISS LULU AND STEWIE!!!You always put a smile on my face and so sorry to hear about your oh so painful hurt footies!!

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