100 Things: Part The First

So it seems like everyone has these "100 Things About Me" thingies on their blogs, and WHOA, 100 things is, like, a lot of THINGS, so I figured we'd do this thang, but we'd do it in installments. That way you can feel free to skip over posts when you realize that "Miss Banshee is BORING, like, whoa."

So I present to you: 100 Things About Me, Part One in a Series:

100. I was almost named "Anne" but my mom was listening to a song in the delivery room and changed her mind at the last second.
99. It was a song about a guy.
98. I have one younger brother, who is very talented and muy successful. He's also pretty hilarious.
97. I wish we had a better relationship.
96. I have moved 10 times in the last 10 years.
95. Most of them were thinly masked attempts to run from my problems.
94. I was briefly engaged once. The less said about that the better.
93. I once had a torrid affair with a man almost 20 years older than I am.
92. The less said about THAT, the better.
91. My autobiography, should I ever write it, will be entitled: "Mistakes Were Made."
90. I am a classically trained soprano, and used to sing opera and musical theater.
89. Due to ripping out my ventilator when I was in the hospital last year, I am now completely unable to sing.
88. That's a huge bummer.
87. I used to be the assistant to the artistic director of a theater.
86. Also? A makeup artist, actress, singer, model, personal assistant, receptionist, security guard, daycare worker, Gymboree teacher, and intern at two psychiatric facilities.
85. I love kids. Love em. I used to want four, but I think two will do nicely.
84. I secretly want to be a stay-at-home mom.
83. I have perfect size 6 feet. I used to be a shoe model because of this.
82. My eyesight is DREADFUL and has been since I was 7 years old.
81. My front six teeth are fake, due to them not forming right when I was a baby.
80. I've been mistaken for a homeless person on three occasions.
79. I have HORRIBLE coordination, but am an excellent skier, for some reason.
78. I can't count how many famous people I've met, but it's a hell of a lot.
77. Most of them were super-normal and nice.
76. Except Ben Stiller, who is a tantrum-throwing little meanie.
75. I have two tattoos, and have never regretted them for a second.

OKAY, that's plenty for now. More to come at a later date, but whew, that is ENOUGH for right now. Anything you guys want me to cover in this? Let me know in ye olde commentse.




100 Things: Part The First — 10 Comments

  1. Me and my size ten and a half shoes are totally hating on #83. Just Sayin’
    Totally bummed that Ben Stiller is a meanie! How did you meet all these famous people?
    I’ve got to say, thoroughly enjoyed reading these! Bring on the next 75!

  2. I saw the twitpic of your awesome new shoes and my big old size 10 wide monsters wept in envy of your beautiful size 6 stunners and the fancy kicks. Do people still say ‘kicks’ when they’re talking about shoes? If not, I apologize. I don’t get out enough to know what’s hip or cool.

  3. ZOMG! Another tiny footed person!!! Yay! My feet rage between 5 and 6 and I lived off of sample shoes in my youth! Yay!
    Also if it makes you feel better: I was named after an Oil of Olay commercial from the 70’s, so it could always be worse.

  4. Ok,bring on the rest and I am sad about ben but it figures,little guys have that entitlement complex it seems.I will never regret my 3 tattoos either!! i love them and shall get more

  5. a gymboree teacher??? interesting. i almost applied for that recently but thought naaaaw, i like my own kids but not really everyone else’s. pleeez cover your ear piercings – how many and how long it took to get them. i am itching for some new body art and tats are out due to being preggers and/or feeding the babes for what seems like forever so i’m thinking i can pierce my ears instead. a lot. maybe.

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