100 Things: Part The Second

Okay, here we go again! The second 25 thingies about me. It's just like a VH1 countdown, y'all! Only with fewer mullets. And no Hal Sparks commentary. Oh MAN, that would be awesome if Hal Sparks did commentary on my blog.

ANYWAY! On we go.

74. My hair is naturally dark blond. It was white-blond when I was little.
73. When my roots grow in, since I dye my hair black, it looks like I'm balding.
72. I love dancing, especially in goth clubs, but I'm TERRIBLE at it.
71. I do not care that I am terrible at it.
70. I have danced in a cage, on a fence, and on a chain-link spiderweb. I'm MUCH better at dancing when I can hold onto/climb something.
69. My eyes and teeth glow in blacklight.
68. I wore a uniform from pre-school through my senior year of high school.
67. Catholic girls school destroyed any chances of being religious in my life, ever.
66. I once played a character in a play who lived in a garbage can.
65. The character died 20 minutes into the play and I had to sit in the garbage can for the remainder of the performance. Every performance.
64. I've lived and traveled all over the country, but I've never owned a passport
63. I really want to travel all over Great Britain and Ireland especially.
62. I have twelve piercings – 5 in each ear, one in my nose, one in my bellybutton.
61. I'm done with piercings, but I can't imagine taking any of them out at this point.
60. I hate HTML, and know it the way that garage bands know how to read music.
59. I love living alone, but I get terribly lonely.
58. Even though I can't sing anymore, I still mouth the words along with the radio in the car.
57. I think that's really sad.
56. I have Bipolar II, which makes life very interesting.
55. I wasn't diagnosed bipolar until after rehab, and it was an enormous relief to put a name on what I've been dealing with for most of my life.
54. I used to be vehemently against psych meds (just for myself) but now I happily take wee handfuls every day.
53. I have a Masters Degree I have never used.
52. It's a sensitive subject for me.
51.I have driven a Ryder truck from California to New Jersey using the old Route 66.
50. I'm really glad I've done it, but I never want to do it again.

Phew. This is getting exhausting. On we go next time!


100 Things: Part The Second — 5 Comments

  1. Would love to travel across the USA on Route 66.Heck,would love to travel period at this time but alas cannot.I would love to do the black hair color but cannot pull it off

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