100 Things: Part The Third

And on we blindly stagger!!!

49. I have broken a rib and my tailbone twice, all from being drunk.
48. My coordination still sucks, even though I'm sober now.
47. I have only ridden one rollercoaster in my life, and I was 30 when I did it.
46. I have a terrible fear of falling out of amusement park rides.
45. I once lay on top of a cruise ship all alone and screamed into the wind.
44. It was the most cathartic thing I've ever done.
43. I was the "peer president" at rehab.
42. It's the only elected position I've ever been in, and probably will ever be in.
41. As a kid, I would have picked reading over going outside any day.
40. My eyes ARE really this color.
39. They are also incredibly sensitive to light, as is my skin.
38. I suspect I may be part vampire.
37. I am definitely a night owl. I can't seem to get anything productive done during daylight.
36. And when I do, it seems weird.
35. I quit modeling after my agent offered cocaine as "breakfast."
34. I have never regretted leaving that industry.
33. I have performed in theaters where there were more rats than actors.
32. Also in "Shakespeare in the Parking Lot" where there were crack deals going on as we performed.
31. I used to weigh less than 100 pounds.
30. I'm 5'7. That's too thin for 5'7.
29. I didn't think so at the time.
28. I collect different editions and printings of "The Secret Garden."
27. It's my favorite book.
26. I think young adult fiction is far better than grown-up books.
25. I think you're never too old to wear glitter.

We're almost there, people! Final installment to come, and then some stories about some of these list items!


100 Things: Part The Third — 3 Comments

  1. I used to spend all my time in my room or outside under a tree reading books while I was growing up, and my sister, when she’d want to play, used to tell on me for reading and not playing with her so I’d get in trouble and have to put my book away for a bit.
    That really sounded like more of a downer than it was. All in all, I like reading!

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