Ooooh, SNAP! You Have No Excuses Today, Buster

It's finally here! It's finally here!!!! It's National De-Lurking Day, that wonderful day in which people who read and don't comment are REQUIRED to comment! You don't have to say anything profound, just say hi in the comments, okay? It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And I know you're out there, you crafty little buggers, and you know I love ya more than my luggage, but c'mon! Leave a comment like a good boy/girl, and OBEY THE INTERNET. You're required today, ya know. Just saying.



Ooooh, SNAP! You Have No Excuses Today, Buster — 30 Comments

  1. I feel like I’m in some cheesy old cartoon, where the characters are breaking out of prison and BAM! Giant spotlight on you! 🙂
    delurking to say hi!!

  2. I delurked a few weeks ago — I think — but I’ll “officially” delurk now.
    (I really enjoyed your 100 things post(s) by the way. I started one a few years ago and got up to about 40 before I realized my life isn’t terribly interesting.)

  3. Hey there! I definitely don’t comment enough, but I love your blog! (And your hair, by the way.) You also inspired me to start working on my own 100 Things. I’m almost done, and shocked that I had that many things to talk about. So thanks!

  4. Hello! I just finished reading your archives and I officially love you. Although I am sad you are hurt, because you were good motivation to keep torturing myself with Jillian. I am trying trying to stick with it though!

  5. Lots of lerrrrve for you!
    PS PLS check out Ann Coulter on The View on youtube or huffington…whatever…I don’t know what was more far-reaching… her views or her eyelashes.

  6. Hi! I love that you post so often – you make my day at work when I should be doing something else that’s completely mind-numbing instead 🙂
    I really enjoyed your “100 Things” list – I was briefly inspired to do my own, and then just felt tired thinking about it. Here’s to gettin me some motivation!

  7. Hello! I am a total lurker, although I have left one comment, and then I had tried to leave a snappy, really funny comment once, but my internet wasn’t working properly and so I didn’t get to leave the comment. So a lurker, by default. But now I am here!

  8. Life is good and I share some of your pains and I love your kitties, jealous I can’t have kitties no more.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for help keeping me in this crazy world

  9. To all of you:
    I thought I was totally cool and hip….
    “delurk” ?
    i totally suck and have no business being online……
    I’m so not hip…..

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