Snippet: My Dad Is On Facebook And It Is Comedy Gold

You guys? My dad CRACKS ME UP. He wanted to get on Facebook for some reason (I suspect he's planning on world domination, one application at a time) but he is totally into it! But I have to, HAVE TO share with you some of his status updates, because they are HILARIOUS.


Dad Banshee is contemplating the notion "that this world
is a vale of tears because we made it that and, somehow, couldn't have
made it anything else." Alan Jacobs.

Dad Banshee is checking tv commercials for violent behavior, harming people and defacing property.

Dad Banshee is requesting that "you don't even ask!" So far it is ATT, Geico, Capital 1 and Dominos Pizza.

Dad Banshee is being pensive. 

HILARIOUS!!!! Remember, this is the same man who, despite being BRILLIANT, still hates the phone with such a powerful fervency that he is hard-pressed to use anything but caveman grunts during a conversation.

Me: Hey Dad! What's up? How are you?

Dad Banshee: Hmm. Old.

Me: Anything…else?

Dad Banshee: Mmmprh. Your mother isn't here.

Me: Okay! Um, bye!

Dad Banshee: Yep. *CLICK*

BUT! He is a fantastic conversationalist! And funny as hell! Just don't get him on the phone. You'd be better off using semaphore flags.

Oh, and don't send him a Facebook app. Dad Banshee has no time for such blatant shenanigans.



Snippet: My Dad Is On Facebook And It Is Comedy Gold — 4 Comments

  1. Your dad is kinda awesome.
    My dad can barely use a computer let alone have a “profile”
    But LOVES to talk on the phone. LOVES IT.

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