Snippet: The Picture of Grace and Dignity


PSST! Come HERE, internet peeples!!! Wanna see something? Do ya do ya do ya???

Okay good, okay fine. Remember how Lulu is always "oooooh, I am LULU I am so FANCY I have the DIGNITIES, blah blah blah" all day and into the night?

WELL. Stewie needed to do something about that. I means, she does NOT have the grace and the dignities, and Stewie gonna PROVE IT. So here we go, peeples. Here's your graceful and dignified Lulusmell. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I loves using the camera!!!



Snippet: The Picture of Grace and Dignity — 1 Comment

  1. Stewie-
    That can’t be Lulu..there must be some mistake! Well, I guess I do have to trust you, though.
    *low whistle* *Tootie voice* You’re gonna git in trouublllle!
    It was worth it, though, right? 😉

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