She’s Alive!

O HAI everyone! Thanks for all the well wishes regarding my bad patch, my inability to write about certain things, and of course, my diseased neck, which is NOT better, but due to the begging of friends and neighbors, I am not going to talk about anymore. Also? I've learned that Benadryl has the lovely side effect of causing one to not CARE that she has a fatal neck disease. Yay Benadryl!

So let's talk, internet. About other things. Hmm…Well. I've learned a valuable lesson in the last week, in regards to standing up for myself. You see, I don't stand up for myself. I am more of a groveling, apologizing FREAKSHOW who is convinced EVERYTHING is my fault, I'm a bad person, I suck, etc. And this past week I had several opportunities to beg and grovel and cry over things that were clearly not my fault, oh my GOD woman, not everything is about you, and I did something pretty new and exciting.

I confronted the situation.

I KNOW! Craziness, right? I never do that! I just sit and stew and beat myself up and get hives. It's just the dance I do. But I was honest. I asked about the things that were driving me straight to the lunatic asylum with self-loathing, and, you're never going to believe this…I GOT ANSWERS. Were they the answers I wanted to hear? Not necessarily. Was there still crying? Absolutely. But there wasn't the unending dread that comes with not knowing. And that was such a relief, so much more than I thought was possible. So…Yay for confronting situations! Of course I still said "sorry" about a million times, but we're taking baby steps here, people.

So what else happened this week? OH. So the cats needed vaccinations, and boy oh boy did THAT go as well as you would imagine. So I recruited my mom to help me lug all fourteen tons of feline to the Petco clinic (so cheap! So good!!!) and we got the miserable bastards vaccinated. Of course, I was hiding my shame THE SHAME OF LEPROSY under a scarf, but of COURSE I had to be standing in back of a guy who had an adorable dog and wasn't too bad looking himself, I must say, and I was stupidly talking (shocker) and lugging seventeen tons of cats (they got fatter during the car ride) and I had the shame of leprosy and it was all very attractive, and then I saw a wedding ring on his finger and suddenly I didn't care anymore and went back to itching and talking to the cats instead of people.

Petco is one of the few places you can croon to morbidly obese cats "Who's Mama's little angel baby???" and no one looks at you funny. Dandy place, that Petco.

PS to this story: So everyone is doing that 25 Things About Me thing on Facebook, to which I say haha, I did 100 THINGS, BITCHES! but anyway, one of my friends said he hated cat-written blogs. To which I say…TOUGH TATAS, BUSTER! My cats have things to SAY! And that is mostly "feed the food hole now, woman."

Ahem. So that's that. How was YOUR week?



She’s Alive! — 4 Comments

  1. Alive and bringing gorgeous back to the Internet, I see!
    My week? My week is still up for debate. I think I’ll go eat a chicken salad sandwich (to counteract the three brownies I may have eaten a few hours ago…no witnesses…) and see what happens after that.

  2. I couldn’t come up with 25 things to write about me, so am very impressed you made it to 100.
    I love the blogs from the kitties keep ’em coming.
    It is good to hear someone else has crazy pets too.

  3. Tell the haters to fark off and good for you on standing up for yourself!! We love kittie blogs by Lulu and Stewie,keep em coming…Hope the kitties dont leave you any suprises for taking them to get shots,mine love to leave a suprise for me out of anger LMAO!!

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