Vegas: Our Playas

Okay, just a list for now, and  I will write soon, my precious little squirrels, but I am so so so tired, and my body is roughly 90% Red Bull and 10% Cinnabon, and so we will keep this brief, if not loving. What I am going to do is write about my traveling companions, who are so divine I cannot put it into words.

You see, it was a summit of MamaPop writers that descended upon Vegas, and I had the distinct joy, I mean, like, WHOA JOY of spending time with the following people:

Sweetney, who is as gorgeous and awesome as you would expect and even more, and is SO HARDCORE that she stomped off to Urgent Care at one point, and CAME BACK FOR DINNER, because no one messes with the Sweetney. You really shouldn't, she'll cut you deep.

KDiddy, who is also as gorgeous and awesome as you would expect and more, who did NOT stab anyone, bury any bodies, or anything of the sort, AND braved a fish at dinner that STILL HAD A HEAD. People, she did NOT WAVER. That's so spectacular, dude.

Goon Squad Sarah, who is…yep, gorgeous, awesome, moar moar moar, who was ROCKING a fantastical dress for our Big Fancy Dinner, and frolicked in front of more than one fountain with reckless abandon, and there are pictures, oh yes there are.

Schmutzie, gorgeous, awesome and more Canadianienne or however you want to say it, who has the haircut I want and the cutest accent and I just want to put her in my pocket and take her home, but I cannot since she is married to…

Palinode, who was unaffected by all the titty cards that countless people throw at you, is v.v. handsome and can rock a spiffy blazer, I'll tell you that much for free, and is just as awesome and Canadian as his wife. Which means: Adorable.

Pet Cobra, who wears a spiffy hat, will school you on any subject, and sadly had to cut his time with us short, because he puts his family before Vegas shenanigans with bizarro internetty blogger types, which makes him AWESOME, and also good looking. (are you sensing a pattern yet?)

Black Hockey Jesus, who…dudes. DUDES. BHJ not only is awesome, well read, good looking (pattern!) and hilarious, but also is so hospitable and makes some DAMN yummy food and is married to the incredibly gorgeous and divine Ms. BHJ who was incredibly patient with the weird internet people.

And then there is Snarky Amber, who I might have licked, and might have eaten pizza in bed with, and may have spooned, and we MAY have spent the weekend attached at the hip, and MAY have gotten married by Elvis and I love her OMG cutest thing ever, our love is deep and true, y'all. Deep and true.

So there are your players! SO much more to tell, but now you know what you're dealing with.




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  1. I saw that fish head, but I thought it was some kind of fucked up clam shell, so I kept staring at it until I realized halfway through dinner that clam shells don’t have eyes. Yeesh.
    I miss you guys already.

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