Cancer Sun With Capricorn Moon and Scorpio Rising

"You have remarkable recuperative powers that allow you to recover from
physical, mental or economic adversities that would destroy many
others. When properly focused, your energy is formidable and you
quietly keep going long after everyone else runs out of steam."

A year ago today, I entered the hospital with pancreatitis brought on by acute alcoholism. I fell into a coma soon after and spent 17 days in ICU before entering rehab.

A year sober. That's damn right.



Cancer Sun With Capricorn Moon and Scorpio Rising — 15 Comments

  1. Hey congratulations. This is the time of year. I have 2/16/92 tattoed on my leg (the first time – 07/31/02 is the second time). Anyway, enough about me. GOD! That’s a hard thing you just did and I hope you’re feeling great about it but you’re proabably thinking “I thought it would feel better than this”. Well fuck all that anyway, party girl. You’re awesome. You just did something against your own intrinsic nature, which is pretty much how culture evolves so look at you, trailblazer!
    Chin up. 24 more. Let’s do this.

  2. Congratulations on one year toward who you are meant to be! I’m in recovery too, and I remember thinking that no one told me you have to turn yourself inside out and start over. Grateful for it every day. hugs

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