Grace in Small Things, From Someone Not Doing Grace in Small Things

Okay, I know I just posted, like, three minutes ago, but I had to do this today. There's a WONDERFUL blog project going on right now called "Grace in Small Things" wherein the writers post things per day that make them happy and grateful. I am not doing this project, because I am a grouchy person who likes giving the finger to the world, and can spend all day and into the night sulking about things that DON'T make me happy and grateful. Because I am a snarky, grumpy monkey.  But that isn't the case today. For today? I am grateful for the following things.

Lorcasaur stuck pancakes from her tree to feed the birds.

My girls (Lorc, KristaBat, and Laroux) are coming to see me next weekend.

Snoring cats.

Food Network.

All my internet friends (and after the MamaPop summit, internet friends who became IRL friends, because they are made of awesome) who make me laugh and cry every day, and I love all of you.

So tell me, my beloved little squirrels, what are YOU grateful for today? Because my snark could return at ANY TIME, WATCH YOUR NECK, so let's concentrate on the good stuff today, okay?

Loves to all of you, dudes. Like, seriously.



Grace in Small Things, From Someone Not Doing Grace in Small Things — 6 Comments

  1. Dry your tears and whomever made you sad must be hunted down like a mangy cur and cockpunched…That being said I am hoping you will have a better day.Go get some ben and Jerrys chubby hubby,makes this girl feel better,try it,it is gods gift to being down but you have to eat the whole pint!!! XOXOXOXOX

  2. Oh yeah,I am grateful for My friends,family, my doggies and kitties,being alive and kicking and knowing the fact that one day the massive zit on my chin will go bye bye

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