O CANADA, I Love You!!!

Oh, Canada. Our gentle neighbor to the north, how I love you today. Specifically YOU, British Columbia, for instituting Anti-Bullying Day today, February 25th. How delightful, BC! For all of us who were and are bullied, I thank you.

Now, to all of you who have been and/or are bullied: Guess what? It's not your fault. Yes, you! Did I tell you today how awesome you are? Are those new pants? Because yes, your ass looks great in them. Seriously, who hasn't been bullied in their lives? I know I was. I was never good enough as a kid. Too shy, too awkward, too quick to cry. Still am! I cry at everything, y'all. And you know from this here blog that I've been having a WICKED bad week, and boy howdy, have I been crying. Crying buckets!

Bullying sucks, man. And I wish I had someone to tell me the following when I was a bullied kid, so I could tell MYSELF that, when I pull myself out of the abyss when I'm feeling down like I am this week. I don't have sage words, but if I could give them, I would say keep on keepin' on, folks. And remember, you rock.

Oh, and if you're one of those people who wears pink? Wear some pink today for Anti-Bullying Day. I do not wear pink, but I will ON THE INSIDE. On the outside? Black. As per usual.

MWAH! I kiss you all!



O CANADA, I Love You!!! — 1 Comment

  1. Lo that every day were Anti-Bullying Day in all the lands. I’d never have watched my gorgeous 6 year old cry, and I wouldn’t have stupid flashbacks to the dude who wrote that I’d (and I quote) “be a really nice person if you weren’t such a bitch,” in my senior memory book.
    Because I was shy. Which is not code for bitch.
    I’m wearing orange today. Sing it, sista!

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