Common Sense Is Pissed, Y’all

Common Sense: TIME TO WRITE!
Me: About what? No need to write.
Common Sense: Are you as daft as you look? Chuck featured all of us on his blog, you HAVE to write, it's the LAW.
Me: Okay, good. Give me a topic.
Common Sense: That's YOUR job. All I'm good for, according to you, is ruining your fun and keeping you from doing things like setting yourself on FIRE or killing someone with your CAR and other boring as hell things. YOU are the writer. Anyway, I'm a figment of your imagination, and you never specified that I have fingers. Do I have fingers? Cause it's hard to type without them.
Me: Heeheehee.
Common Sense: You're imagining me without fingers, aren't you.
Me: Heeeeeeeeeeeeheeheee. NO! That would be uncouth.
Common Sense: Because that's stopped you SO many times.
Me: Okay, so what's been going on?
Common Sense: Well, it's snowing, and you turned off the heat last night. That's interesting in the sort of "Wow, you're pretty dumb" kind of way.
Me: Everyone already knows I'm dumb. OLD NEWS. And I'm not talking about the freaking weather. I am not Al Roker. We do not call each other at home.
Common Sense: Well, your girls from Boston came over this weekend, that's interesting.
Me: But that's the thing about writing about things that involve a lot of inside jokes. NO ONE GETS IT. I mean, I could wax poetic about how we kept yelling "BERLIN! 1945!!!!" at each other, but only four people would find that funny. No one wants to read that.
Common Sense: Well, I'm out. I don't know. Write about anything.
Me: Okay. Let me see. Oh wait, this post is getting awfully long. I'll just write later.
Common Sense: What a shame you didn't write today, you slacker.
Me: BERLIN!!! 1945!!!!!
Common Sense: God, I hate you.



Common Sense Is Pissed, Y’all — 5 Comments

  1. Coming over as part of Chuck’s Blog Mob and liking what I’ve seen so far.
    Even if you are a little bit mean, de-fingering your Common Sense like that. What did Common Sense ever do to you? Probably *saved* you from de-fingering yourself more than a few times, right? And this is how you repay her?
    Cruel, cruel girl.

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