Angel Christen Devil? No.

Y'all are so funny with the anagrams, seriously. One of these days I have to see what my FULL name (first, middle, last) spells out, since I already know it's longer than the alphabet. Yeah, THAT was fun on SAT forms. The thing about my last name is that it's not as difficult as it looks or sounds, but people get…well, let me show you.

Nice lady on phone: Customer service, how can I help you, Miss…Miss…um…
Me: Don't even try.
Nice Lady: No! I can get it, Miss…Miss…oh man.
Me: Don't hurt yourself.
Nice Lady: Can I just call you…
Me: Feel free.
Nice Lady: Wow. That's some last name.
Me: I know, it's not as hard as it seems.
Nice Lady: There are…Where are the VOWELS?
Me: Yeah, it's an affliction.
Nice Lady: It's like someone sneezed in the middle of it!

So yeah, if and when I ever get married, let's all cross fingers that he has an easy last name, okay? Cause I LIKE my name, I like my last name just fine, but I dream the sweet dream of the day when someone can spell it off the top of their head. That day may never come.

So just call me Banshee, aight? Or "Yo" or "hey you, with the hair" or "the one who just fell down" or anything really. I really used "Inverse Candlelight" because I think it's an awesome, if not slightly gothy/emo phrase. And how cool is it that it's my name's anagram! Very cool, I think.

OH. You all wanted to know how Stewie was, didn't you? With the claw and the blood and all that? Okay, let me get him, hold on.

STEWIE HURT!!! STEWIE HAVE OWIE!!!! Stewie probably die soon, OH NOES!!!!!! Please don't let Stewie go to big litter box in sky! Stewie want to LIVE! Live for green olives and the CLOSET!!!! OH DA AGONY!!!!

Wait wait wait. He's fine. Everyone? He's fine. He shakes his leg out every once and a while like he's brushing off a bug, but he's totally fine, and not going to meet the choir invisible. Don't let him fool you. But he DID get blood all over my bed, so if CSI comes to my house, I'm SCREWED.

He's fine. Thanks for the concern, but don't let him con you into sending him jars of green olives. He's already got one sucker in this house, and I'm not going to tell you who that is, but the anagram of her name is "In Gentle Arch-Devils."



Angel Christen Devil? No. — 4 Comments

  1. I was best man at a wedding where a woman with the last name “Schlossberg” married a man with the last name “Cwiklik.”
    I mentioned in the toast that at least she didn’t have to go by that difficult last name “Schlossberg” anymore.
    She got the last laugh for a while when she started hyphenating and going by Schlossberg-Cwiklik, but no one would even TRY to get that right . . .

  2. I took my husband’s name just because I like the sound of it with my first name. And my maiden name was always mispronounced, so I was happy to let go of it. By the way, my anagram is “Blithe Erring” (which, yeah, I kinda DO…every day!)

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