Stewie Need Your Question For Ask Stewie Starring Stewie!!!


OKAY INNERWEBBY PEEPLES! Dis is how dis work. You see, Stewie SO popular and pretty like princess dat peeples on innerweb say "You know what we needeses, Stewie? We needses ADVICE COLUMN BY STEWIE!!!" So dis what you do.


Zzzzzz. Oh, sorries. OKAY, DIS WHUT YOU DO. You leave comment, okay? In dat comment, you ask question. Stewie read question, give you SUPER SMART ANSWER. On interweb! You get FAMOUS. And you get very very berry good advices. Cause Stewie SOOPER SMARTS, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

Cat stock 011

Get it? GET IT?!!?!?

Okay, you go now, be good girl and boy and ask question. Stewie READY!!!!

Cat stock 023


Stewie Need Your Question For Ask Stewie Starring Stewie!!! — 13 Comments

  1. How do I get my blind cat to quit stepping in the water bowl? I’ve had him for 12 years and he’s just started this. Is it senility? Or is he messing with my head?

  2. Dear Stewie-
    What do cats like most that makes their poo smell so bad? How can this be avoided? Would you be willing to eat baking soda to keep the stink down?
    Also, do you kittens like to watch Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune?
    Also, what color to grey cats turn when they get old?
    Also, when humans Meow back at you, do you know what we are saying?

  3. Dear Stewie,
    The peeps are calling me fat, but I’m just extra fat is too fat? Do I need to be on diet food. I want to live a long time and continue to wake my Mommy up every morning at 4:00 a.m. Have you been to the vet and are you on diet food?
    Jessica (dictated to my mom, Andi@

  4. Dear Stewie,
    What is the appropriate amount of sleep that we should be getting?
    Also, what should we do with our human when she neglects to serve us our nightly wet food?
    Sarah, Donovan, and Mr. Boots

  5. Dear Stewie, Although Miss Kitty has moved on to greater things, I would like to know why she liked to pee next to her box even when it was kept super clean?

  6. Stewie,
    Do you ever get wound up or are you always so mellow? If you ever do freak out, where are the pics? Also, what is with the green olives, man?

  7. Dear Stewie-
    You are such a smart kitty. You are so smart I’m going to ask you this question, because no one else seems to know. Why does my cat Albert(aged 15) insist on sleeping on my head? The pillow gets awfully crowded at night with the two of us fighting over it.
    Why do kitties like to sleep on people’s heads? It can’t be because of my super-intellectual powers, because I have none!

  8. Deer Stooie,
    Furst, sorry bout the spelling. I’m a dog, whut can I say? Ok, my ? is why do you catz inseest on leeking on us dogz? Ur tung is ruff!! It duz NOT fill good for that tung to be all over the eyes and da eerz. And whut’s wit all tha fur?? It’s in my water, my food, my poo. Can’t you keep it to urself? Last, CLAWS HURT!!

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