Stubborness, Thy Name Is…Me

Me: I shan't be taking out the garbage today.
Common Sense: Yes you are.
Common Sense: You most certainly are.
Me: *high pitched whine*
Common Sense: Okay, for one? Never make that sound again. And two? Take out the garbage. You've been a voting adult for over ten years, you can take out the damn garbage.

Me: I shan't be separating those two fighting cats today.
Common Sense: You simply must.
Me: Nope, it's funny.
Common Sense: There will be blood.
Me: Nah. How much blood is in seventeen layers of fat, anyway?
Common Sense: Looks life we're going to find out.

Me: Does this look infected to you?
Common Sense: *flees*

Me: I'm gonna wave at the A-Holes today.
Common Sense: What in the name of the little baby Jeebus's slobbery onesie is the point of that?
Me: Someday they're going to wave back.
Common Sense: They NEVER wave back, and then you cuss them out to ME all day long.
Me: Waving. Here it comes.
Common Sense: *waits*
Me: Bastards.
Common Sense: Language, missy.

Me: *Sniffle. Sniffle. Sigh.*
Common Sense: Stop brooding.
Me: I shan't. *Sniffle. Sigh.*
Common Sense: Enough BROODING! Stoppit!
Me: I am feeling very emo today. *sigh*
Common Sense: Well then go iron the front part of your hair and use a whole eyeliner, I just don't care anymore. I'm going out.
Me: Out?!?!? You're going OUT?!?!!?
Common Sense: Yes. Out. Away from you, you stubborn, wretchedly STUBBORN THING.
Me: Take out the garbage.
Common Sense: I hate you.



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