Ask Stewie Starring Stewie Part The First!

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Welcome to Ask Stewie Starring Stewie!!!! The doctor is IN!!! In your closet, eating your SHOES, YAAAAAAAY!!!! Okay, Okay, we have question. Stewie ANSWER question cause he SO SMART. Okay, ready?

Mama Dawg said…

do I get my blind cat to quit stepping in the water bowl? I've had him
for 12 years and he's just started this. Is it senility? Or is he
messing with my head?

Stewie ANSWER! : Okay, you have Alzheimer's kitty. THAT OKAY! Kitties get old, it SAD but true. Alzheimer's kitty sometimes FORGET. Stewie forget too. Also kitty BLIND, OH NOES! You very good mama, even though you say you MamaDAWG not MamaCAT like you should. Maybe Alzheimer's kitty mad cause you not name yourself MamaALZHEIMERSKITTY! Anyway.

Stewie think Alzheimer's kitty don't care. Kitties don't LIKE water, OH NOES, so if kitty is stepping in water place then kitty doesn't care or FORGOT about not liking water. Sometimes Stewie forget he doesn't like water and he get in shower after Mama got water ALL OVER HER, and he lick her clean cause water BAD. Stewie like HELPING.

So Alzheimer's kitty don't care, or forgot or MAYBE water place moved? Even a little? Cause Mama know where everything is JUST RIGHT so when she don't have glasses on, she remember, cause she BLIND AS BAT, HAHAHAHHA.

Alzheimers Kitty have many reason to step in water place. All things possible. Why it drive you crazytown? It only water. Even though Stewie think any kitty LOONEY TOON to step in water place. But probably real answer? Kitty cats like driving humans crazy. Alzheimer's kitty probably laughing at you RIGHT NOW, HAHHHAHAHA.

Kitties sometimes mean.

Okay, Stewie answer question!!! More laters, cause Stewie LOVE dropping KNOWLEDGE on peeples. Good luck with Alzheimer's Cat, MamaDawg, or should Stewie call you MAMAKITTYYAAAAAY!!!!


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Ask Stewie Starring Stewie Part The First! — 3 Comments

  1. Sounds like I’m going to have to have a LONG talk with J.D. (blind or Alzheimers kitty) about this practical joke he’s playing on his mama.
    Sigh…..I think you hit the nail on the head, Stewie. I think it’s Alzheimers.
    As long as he still likes to cuddle and purr, I’ll put up with anything.
    Thanks Stewie, you rock!

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