Ask Stewie Starring Stewie Part the Second!


Yes, Stewie.
MAMA. Time for more Ask Stewie. Here, I type.
No, I think I've got it, Stewie. You dictate, I'll type.
Answer the question, Stewie.

Dear Stewart,

How can we get our people to stop disappearing for days at a time?


Charlotte von Poopstein and Enzo Christ, Pooperstar

STEWIE ANSWER!!!!! Okay, you two poops have a lot of poops in your names. Maybe if you didn't POOOOOOOOOP all the days and into the nights, your peeples would stay home more!


Is this letter from dogs? Is this a DOG LETTER?? Sneaky doggies. OKAY. Stewie answer, even though you still stinky poopy doggies.


MAAAAAAAAAMA! Stewie writing!

Stewart, please stop talking about poop. It's uncouth.

SEE DOGGIES?!?!!?!? You got Stewie in TROUBLE. Okay, okay, I answer question. Dis what you do to keep human beans home with you. Ready? You act SO EXTRA CUTE when they home, you give lots of snuggles and snorgles and wag your dog tails and do whatever it is that makes dogs cute. Eat bone. Fetch slipper. Do cute thing. And then? When they go away? BE BAD. Be so bad, they never leave again. Ruin EVERYTHING. Eat your daddy's bike. Eat your mommy's sneaker. Be the baddest doggies in whole lands and seas. Then your mama and daddy NEVER LEAVE AGAIN cause they scared that you learn how to burn down house. Problem solved!!!!!

OKAY DOGGIES, THAT IT! Stewie solve all your problem, even though you doggies. See how Stewie so full of LOVE and GIVING? Like Mother Teresa, THAT'S STEWIE!!!

OKAYBYE! Stewie be back next weekend for MOAR ASK STEWIE! YAY!!!!!



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