BUSTED! Now Get Off My Underpants

Around midnight, this is what I SHOULD be seeing around the old homestead.

Peacefully slumbering cats, slightly out of focus. No running, no destroying, and especially no one is near my CLEAN UNDERPANTS.

THIS is what was going on at my apartment LAST night.

Me: Where is Stewie?
Lulu: I don't care.
Me: No, seriously. Where the hell is he?
Lulu: Again, I tell you, I could not possibly care less.
Me: Shit. I gotta find him. Okay! Let's go find the chaos that is certainly occurring.
Lulu: Have fun with that. Zzzzzzzzz.

THIS is what I found.

Do you see the problem here? No, not the mess. Look in my underwear drawer.




024 OKAY MAMA!!! Stewie get down. But chew on thong first, nom nom nom.

HAHAHHAHA! See Mama BRA???? Oh, this best idea EVER!

And then I picked him up, tossed him to the floor, and then fricasseed him in garlic and onions.

Okay, not really. But THIS is not what I want to see at midnight. There was a lot of yelling. But mostly picture-taking, because come on, can you blame me?

Much better.


BUSTED! Now Get Off My Underpants — 8 Comments

  1. I love how our kitties (and bunnies) know they can get away with just about anything and know we’ll still love them and photograph them and blog their exploits.

  2. At least you saw him, I didn’t know my kitty was in the laundry basket until I picked it up. She was totally covered by the clean clothes. I miss that kitty
    I think I might still have a pic of that with the sock hanging off her ear

  3. OK, so first of all, tuxedo cats are born to torture you. Second of all, at least he’s not EATING your panties, as my girlfriend’s dog is wont to do (especially if it’s sweaty). And third of all, imagine instead if this is your PJ drawer, and instead of a big kitty there are two ferrets who won’t stay out of it, and in addition to cat hair you usually have to rewash your (once) clean PJs because the third ferret tried to join the other two and a fight ensued, and ferret # 3 pees and poops when she fights. And that’s my night on a regular basis. I know, I know. I should just shut the door.

  4. Dear Stewie-
    Um, like, we need to talk about your hanging out in mama’s underpants place. You don’t, uh, actually wear any of it, right? OK..good. I didn’t think so. As you were.

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