I’m Mad…YOU’RE Mad…We’re All Mad Here

Woo, buddy, have I been up and down this week. My meds got messed up, and I've been regulating them again, so everything seems, SEEMS *eyes dart around suspiciously* to be shaping up, but it's been a ride and a half this week. So…I'm a-gonna jump all over the place today, mostly because my brain is buzzing like a wee little bee.


I think I've given up on Schmokay Lupid, at least for the time being. Yeah, that wasn't a good idea. Do you know who's on Schmokay Lupid? People from Brooklyn. Do you know which people aren't interested in Jersey girls? People from Brooklyn. SO! I'm taking a break. Cause I am not moving to Brooklyn. You can't get a cab there for love or money. True story.

OH!!! This is a good story. You remember Frantically Waving Telemundo Family, right? And how I love them? I love them. WELL. The other day, Wee Little Telemundo was playing on the balcony, with a little spade. You know, the garden implement. The kind you dig up your dead windowbox with. That reminds me, I have to clean out my window box…


So Lil' Telemundo was playing with the spade, and he was making eyes at me (LOVE!) and held the spade out between the bars of the balcony, and I shook my head and said "Nooooo, Lil' One. Don't drop it. No no no." and he grinned the grin that only a three year old can, and dropped the spade THUNK and it fell like a LAWN DART right into the grass below. About a foot from one of the A-holes. NOW. I KNOW THIS WAS NOT FUNNY. The A-Hole could have become Massive Head Wound A-Hole, and that is not something I wish on anyone.

But it was a little funny. So I skippered over and yanked the spade out of the ground and brought it back to the Telemundos, and OH BOY, Mr. Frantically Waving Telemundo Family was NOT wearing a shirt, and he really needs to wear a shirt, WHOA. But at least no one ended up with a spade in their head.

THE END. I'm tired now. Go outside and play, for you have been so patient dealing with my buzzing today.




I’m Mad…YOU’RE Mad…We’re All Mad Here — 5 Comments

  1. I wish I lived near a Frantically Waving Telemundo Family, and I totally just cut and pasted that because I was terrified of 1) misquoting you or b) misspelling “Telemundo” and being accused of racism. Glad your feeling better.

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