Ask Stewie Starring Stewie Part The Third!!!


ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! O HAI! It time for Ask Stewie Starring Stewie! You better listen to Stewie, okay? Okay good, okay fine, HERE WE GO!!!

Meaghan said…

Dear Stewie-

What do cats like most that makes their poo smell so bad? How can
this be avoided? Would you be willing to eat baking soda to keep the
stink down?
Also, do you kittens like to watch Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune?
Also, what color to grey cats turn when they get old?
Also, when humans Meow back at you, do you know what we are saying?


STEWIE ANSWER!!! YAY!!!!!!! Okay, Meaghan Lady, Dis the deal. You know Stewie. O YEAH, INNERNET, Meaghan lady know Stewie, Meaghan Lady Stewie's HOOMAN BEAN FRIEND. So Meaghan Lady has Alzheimer's kitty, WHOA BOY, and so she ask Stewie lot of question. They silly question, though, so Stewie wonder if maybe Meaghan Lady has been drinking.

ANSWERS!!!! Cats love to POOP and SHARE. Share stinky! Stewie do this by pooping on FLOOR. Meaghan Lady's Alzheimers Kitty do dis by hitching butt out of box. That GREAT idea. Stewie very proud of Mac. Stewie use real name of Mac cause he tired of typing "Alzheimer's Kitty" but you get idea. Kitty do this cause kitty like to share. Also? We BAD. Bad as the day is long, HAHAHHAHA! So Stewie think Meaghan Lady maybe get scented lace hanky or maybe gas mask, cause baking soda not help. Stewie mama try dat, we don't eat. Dat YUCKY!

STEWIE NO WATCH GAME SHOW! Game show make Stewie BORED cause Stewie feel dumb as box of hammers when he don't know answer. Stewie prefer FOOD NETWORK, YAY!!! Cause there little better than Foods and TV smooshed together, Stewie tell you dat for free.

What color gray cat turn? STEWIE DON'T KNOW!!!! Maybe green? Green like CAT GRASS, NOM NOM NOM ohhhhh Stewie love to eat cat grass, and dirt in pot, and maybe pot itself! Not dat Stewie did dat already. Shh, is seckrit.

Last question! Mama only Mow mow mow when WE mow mow mow which CLEARLY mean "put food in food place or Stewie eat book again." Mama talk to us like human baby. Which we understand entirely, but we a little embarrassed, cause Mama sound like fool. Stewie mean, honestly, I not beeeyoutiful angel baby, ME CAT!!! Dat mama. She crazytown.

SO DAT IT!!! Stewie all done, yay!!!! And Stewie think all peeples should go to MEAGHAN LADY WEBSITE!!!  She review stuff, she SO SMART, NOT LIKE STEWIE.

More Stewie tomorrow, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

Okay, nap time! You go take nap too, you good human bean.

LOVE, STEWIE!!!!!!!!!




Ask Stewie Starring Stewie Part The Third!!! — 4 Comments

  1. I’m not sure if Ask Stewie questions are supposed to be emailed directly to Stewie or placed in the comments, but I have one for him: If I’m thinking about getting a kitty, what kinds of things do I need to keep in mind before making this commitment? I really need Stewie’s advice!
    Also, to Miss Banshee: I just recently discovered your site and went back and read all your archives and then emailed a particularly awesome entry to my mom, so basically I’m officially a fan now! Hooray!

  2. Thanks, Stewie! So many great answers. I will let Mac know you say Hi but he won’t remember 3 minutes from now.
    Take care of your mama.

  3. Stewie, I have a question. My kitties were pooping on the floor. A lot. I bought another litter box so they would have more non-floor places to poop. The kitties now use the new litter box, avoid the other litter box, and still poop on the floor! Why are they doing this and what can I do?
    Thanks for your help Stewie!

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