Grace In Small Things, From Someone Still Not Doing Grace In Small Things

Okay, I'm still not doing Grace in Small Things. Because I'll forget. I already forgot a couple of days of "Year in the Mirror" and was v.v. disappointed in myself and said a lot of bad words, so taking on another year of remembering to do something every day seems like a daunting task to say the least. Also, I'm a flighty, flighty broad. But you knew that already. SO! Since I'm a little thin on the ground regarding topics today, I shall do your Grace in Small Things, madam. I shall do them.

Grace in Small Things, 3/23/09

Freshly dyed hair

Late night phone calls

Yarn yarn yarn

The first cup of coffee in the morning

The crisp, breezy feeling of the beginning of spring

So there you have it! Grace in Small Things for the day. If I get another topic that is relevant to your interests, I'll be back later. How about you tell me some things that you are grateful for today?

Zee Banshee Ladyface



Grace In Small Things, From Someone Still Not Doing Grace In Small Things — 16 Comments

  1. Your hair is really super cute right this minute. I mean really, it’s adorable. I wish I could pull off hair that short. You are looking fabulous!

  2. My Grace in Small Things for today:
    The two students that I called out for disrupting class on Friday didn’t show up today.
    Mr. Boots was purring on the bed this a.m. despite his teeth still bothering him.
    I only have to teach three days this week.
    That is all for now.

  3. I am grateful for another day of not hurting myself. Another day that I didn’t wake in a hospital bed. I am grateful for the love of family, pets and friends.
    I am grateful for you in sharing yourself with the world.

  4. I’m grateful to have connected with an old friend. I’m grateful for Spring and for my son who’s birthday is tomorrow.

  5. I am grateful that my boyfriend finally went to detox and is continuing with counseling classes and now has an even larger support network!
    Also – I am grateful for the fine fine people over at Pledge product development for coming up with that FABULOUS new pet hair picker-upper thingy! I just wish it held MORE cat hair. Totally awesome.

  6. I’ve been putting off my Grace In Small Things for a while now, too. Lately I haven’t grateful for anything except the arrival of spring, and here in the Midwest, that could change any minute.

  7. I’m grateful for maybe, just maybe getting a job finally, for being able to actually get out of the bed today, for sunny days, dogs that love us, and the feel of wind in my hair as I drive down the road.

  8. Look at you, Miss Whimsy!
    I’m grateful that my kids’ homework is done, and that I have a freshly bought copy of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” sitting on my kitchen table to read later tonight. Maybe. I mean, it is scary windy here at the moment, and heaven knows what comes out at night…

  9. My sweet kitty Albert purring at me this morning, and waking me with sandpaper kisses.
    My grouchy car starting right up with no pleading from me.
    No collection notices in the mail is short right now.
    Being finally healthy enough to go back to work and to go to school.
    A roof over my head.

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