Catholic School: The Fashions

So there I was, at Catholic school, and since I get a lot about the uniform, oh, the UNIFORM, from "Please stop with the pictures of the uniform, I'm getting flashbacks worthy of 'NAM, to slavering comments of "Ooooooooh, do you still HAVE the uniform, drool drool drool." That one's from the gentlemen, of course.

Well. one, I am sorry that people I went to school with are having flashbacks. DUDE, do you SEE how much this place affected us??? People are still having flashbacks 15 YEARS LATER. Catholic school, man. Bend over and grab your ankles.

OH, and SPEAKING OF, no, gentlemen. I do NOT still have the uniform, and I shan't be wearing it for you. Sorry. It went to meet the choir invisible as soon as school was done. I mean, honestly, I didn't know ol' Britney Spears would go and make a plaid skirt a sex symbol, so yeah, the skirt was shredded and burned. As well it should have been.

But there was also the issue of actually wearing the uniform, which consisted of the aforementioned blackwatch plaid skirt, a white button down shirt, and…that was it. Not too bad, considering we could wear our own socks and shoes and there wasn't a sweater vest involved. BUT. We were rebels, OH YES, and we made those uniforms our own, darn skippy. So this is what you do to make your uniform HAWT, and by HAWT, I mean a HOT MESS.

  • roll that skirt. ROLL UP THAT SKIRT. High as you can get away with. Of course, this means you won't have a waist, but then again: Girls' school. We didn't care.
  • Under the skirt you must wear BOXER SHORTS. The more ridiculous, the better. I still have endless pairs of boxer shorts because of this. Hitch them on your hips so they poke out of the skirt, cause whoa boy, the nuns love that.
  • Blouse your shirt. Buy 'em big, blouse them out. This certainly does not help with the whole "no waist" thing, but this was FASHION, and also 1992, so, you know, fashion. Heh.
  • Wear a t-shirt under your blouse. The more offensive the better. I went with a Megadeth one myself, but your milage may vary.
  • Shoes. This was the advent of Doc Martens, so wear those suckers proudly, man.

Man, we were hot. HOTT. "But why???" you ask? Well, that's the next story, the story of THE BUS. I'll give you a hint about what the bus contained.


And now, the infamous picture again, and can we lay off the "did they hit you because your room was so messy?" comments? It's not that messy! Okay, yes it is.



Catholic School: The Fashions — 6 Comments

  1. I’m with you until you get to the Doc Martens. We mainly wore top siders, usually squished down at the heel so the foot slid in as it would a slipper. I have no idea who decided this was cool.

  2. My Catholic school dress code only insisted upon skirts on Wednesday (otherwise known as “Blazer Day” — because we also had to wear those). On those days, us poor girls who lived in the wilds of NH and whose parents sent them to a school that charged outrageous tuition but literally did NOT BUY HEAT in the winter because it COST MORE, wound up shivering through class, with our blazers covering our legs to stave off hypothermia.
    The rest of the week, rest assured that I wore khakis (that were always too short because I kept getting taller and thus am STILL self-conscious about my ankles showing) with LONG UNDERWEAR underneath. It was that cold and that oppressive. I suppose there was probably some lesson to be learned, but it was lost on me.

  3. Yeah, nothing says sexy like a rolled up skirt with men’s underwear beneath. Remember gym class when we would just take off our skirts and play in our boxers, often with wool navy or hunter green tights underneath? What about the BUN hairdo hmmmm? Oh the memories

  4. well, you almost had to just wear the boxers, cause otherwise you didn’t have time to really change and then schlep up, like, 15 flights of stairs to Algebra, where Sr. Henrietta would STILL give us demerits for being “late”, even though we were perfectly on time but YOU, nolfo, were early so she thought we were all late. Also, FYI, crew socks are no longer allowed at the Villa; only tights or knee highs.

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