Today’s Actual Converation: Introducing The Professor

A new character in the melee! How exciting! And here's what you need to know about The Professor:

He's a professor.

NOW! There's a lot more about The Professor, but that's for another day. What you need to know is that this has all been a set-up so I could tell you this little snippet of conversation from last night, because I am still giggling:

The Professor: Hi! I tried to make a BLT.
Me: Tried?
The Professor: But I was out of tomato.
Me: That's a problem.
The Professor: So I used red bell pepper.
Me: EW!!!!
The Professor: And I was out of lettuce.
Me: Oh lands.
The Professor: So I used spinach.
Me: This isn't even pretending to be a BLT.
The Professor: Yeah, it was more of a BSP.
Me: That's fairly gross, dude.
The Professor: And it was Canadian bacon.
Me: This is a new sandwich. A sandwich of YUCK.

More later, about Catholic school and the bus of hilarity, including the bus driver of shame, who was also extremely awesome, in a death wish kind of way.




Today’s Actual Converation: Introducing The Professor — 5 Comments

  1. I prefer spinach to lettuce, and red pepper to tomato, so I have to vote yum, although: bacon was infinitely yummier than Canadian bacon when I was eating them. So maybe it’s a wash.

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